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Duration:1 days (8 hrs)

Prerequisite:Pranic Psychotherapy (level 3)

Course Description

Psychic Self-Defense uses scientific method of utilizing energies to protect oneself, family, and belongings from psychic attacks, negative intentions and energetic pollution. Highly recommend course for energy workers and those who work in stressful environment.

    Course Outline

      • Protect oneself and loved ones from intrusions and psychic attack using shielding technique
      • Learn to safeguard your home, business, workplace, finances and family
      • Maintain inner peace and calm in the midst of chaos
      • Understanding how psychic attacks are launched and learn to protect from them
      • Techniques to divert negative thought forms, emotions and energies from within and others
      • Understanding the principles of harmony, love, non-injury and law of karma to make permanent energy shields against psychic attacks.
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