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Duration:1 day (8 hours approximately)

Eligibility:Basic Pranic Healing (Level 1)

"Each line of the Lord’s Prayer is actually like a password phrase to trigger or turn on or highly awaken each of the power centers. It’s just like a key to each one. It turns them on and then when that happens as that divine energy comes down when you say the Lord’s Prayer in a certain way all the chakras are been cleansed, highly activated, energized and charged increasing your spiritual connection and accelerating your spiritual development"

Course Description

Learn the secrets & power of the Lord's Prayer which is amongst the most popular prayers of the world. Learn the meditation on the Lord's Prayer Techniques for spiritual development using two versions of meditation "the Universal and the Kabbalistic" to experience the Spirit behind the Form

    Who should attend?

    Anyone who wishes to understand the Lord's Prayer, and the meaning of Divine Love, Divine Intelligence & Divine Power.

      What will you learn

        • Lord's Prayer, a system for Spiritual development uses energy centers of the body. Through the practice and experience of this meditation, the Chakras (Energy centers) are cleansed, energized and activated.
        • Applying the principles of the Tree of Life to effortlessly transmute sexual energy into Spiritual Bliss.
        • The multi-layered use of Chakras or energy vortices, that have physical, psychological and spiritual functions, along with the regulation of lower emotions and the Kundalini Energy.
        • An insight into the functions & uses of the Eleven Chakras for Spiritual Awakening.
        • Inner Purification leading to Spiritual Bliss or Ananda that is a catalyst for Soul Awakening.
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