Grand Master Choa Kok Sui


Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, through his research and experiments, conceptualized a comprehensive method that helps in cleansing and energizing the energy system which pervades the physical body, thus accelerating the rate at which the body can heal itself. Through his teachings and practical application of Pranic Healing, he demonstrated that energy is an important factor in healing not only the physical being but also the psyche.

Most of GMCKS' spiritual experiments were conducted along with his clairvoyant friends, Mang Nenet and Mang Mike who observed and monitored the procedure and the results of these experiments. Based on his experiments, Master Choa Kok Sui conceptualized, formulated and developed Modern Pranic Healing, as we know it today. His concepts, principles, techniques and methodologies were the result of the synthesis of deep intellectual understanding and wise intuition.


The emphatic quality of GMCKS' teaching style is reflected clearly in his books. The simple writing style of Master Choa Kok Sui, devoid of any clutter, is adequate proof of his uncomplicated and dynamic style of teaching. His books provide quick and deep insights into energy and its modern day applications such as in healing, good health, emotional balance, mental clarity, spiritual growth and a prosperous life. His books provide a good slice of his teachings to those unable to attend his courses. Through his writing, he wished to prepare the masses for a major shift in consciousness.

As various ancient `secrets` of esoterism are revealed to the practitioners, they get to lead lives that are fuller and more stress-free. GMCKS wrote and published 20 books that were translated into more than 27 languages and deal with the subjects of healing, spirituality and psychic self-defense among others.


People often wonder how a successful businessman and an adept scientist can also be an enlightened guru. It is the perfect blending of these varied qualities that made Master Choa Kok Sui a unique spiritual teacher for our modern times. He travelled ceaselessly across the globe, teaching people from all walks of life. His distinctive quality as a teacher was his ability to cause significant shifts in the consciousness of his students. Even by the end of a two-day session, students can experience spiritual elevation, mental alertness, emotional balance and higher levels of energy.

The teaching methodology of GMCKS was essentially practical and worldly. His lessons can be learnt over a relatively short period of time and are applicable to various aspects of life. The teachings hold relevance for all his students throughout their lifetimes as Pranic Healing addresses the real needs of everyday life.


aster Choa Kok Sui often accepted that he was not born a healer but that he gained true mastery of Energy through his dedicated research and love for humanity. He believed in the Law of Correspondence, that states that whatever affects the energy body or aura, affects the physical body and vice versa and that whatever happens to the energy body manifests itself in the physical body.

Master Choa Kok Sui offered to heal attendees and their loved ones across all five continents. Many received instantaneous healing from both physical and psychological chronic ailments. The remarkable degree of proficiency that the Grandmaster gained in his lifetime is a true inspiration to all seeking to pursue Pranic Healing.


Students often refer to GMCKS as a "scientist of the soul". Master Choa Kok Sui's educational background in the field of chemical engineering helped him in devising methods that are testable and replicable. The scientific art or the artful science of modern Pranic Healing was developed through rigorous experimentation, research and validation techniques over many years. Master Choa Kok Sui tried to reduce the gap between science and spirituality by using experimental processes that were essentially scientific in nature.

Through extensive scientific research, Grand Master developed a discipline known as the "Technology of the Soul" that has profound, far-reaching, powerful and exciting implications for the future of mankind. A portion of this philosophy is presented in Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul, formerly known as Meditation for Soul Realization. GMCKS' book, Universal & Kabbalistic Chakra Meditation on the Lord's Prayer also contains some of these principles while some teachings are imparted to senior disciples and advanced students during special workshops.

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