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The art of manifestingabundance

Duration: 2 days

Eligibility:AY Prep Level

Course Description

Learn the art and science of materializing your wishes using subtle energy. Find out a practical approach to accumulate & retain wealth and abundance.

    Learn. Experiment. Validate

    Who should attend?

    It is a powerful workshop, highly recommended for students, entrepreneurs, family members, executives, employees, business men, in short, anyone who wishes to manifest their dreams and achieve their goals using simple, effective and powerful techniques.

      Learn. Experiment. Validate

      What will you learn

        • Learn ways of Creating Powerful Thought Forms
        • Discover a powerful technique to purge old calcified negative programming at the same time adding the right energy to attract prosperity and wealth
        • Accelerate the manifestation of your thoughts and wishes
        • Learn secret gestures and positions to make thoughts materialize faster
        • Learn the Science of entitlement and tithing for Prosperity and Abundance
        • Validate the teachings through simple experiments

      Learn. Experiment. Validate

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