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The Science & Power ofDirections

Duration:1 day

Eligibility:Advanced Pranic Healing

Course Description

Learn the Science and Art of Environmental Energy Mastery. Experience greater success at work and abundant love at home with the right energies.

    Who should attend?

    Anyone who is looking to create a favorable environment at home or at their workplace, to maintain harmony, good health, wealth, happiness and spirituality. Highly recommended for architects, interior designers and artists, as well as businessmen, retailors, students and housewives.

      What will you learn

        • Discover the right direction to attract greater prosperity and abundance.
        • Learn to increase the spiritual energy of your house
        • Understand the effects of certain forms, objects and room formations on the energy of the place.
        • Learn the use of certain pictures to bring joy, success and abundance in your environment
        • Increase the prosperity energies of your place with the special kind of mirrors
        • Deeper understanding about the proper use of colors based on the function of each place
        • Learn practical solutions to correct the energies
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