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What is Pranic Healing? How and when did this method originate?

Pranic healing is a holistic, no-touch method of healing that treats a person on the physical, emotional and mental levels by treating the human energy field.It is an accepted fact that all living things have an energy field around them. This has been called the bioplasmic field by scientists and is also known by terms such as the etheric body, etheric double, aura, energy body, etc. Contained in this bioplasmic body are energy centres, referred to as chakras in ancient Indian literature. It has been found that one's physical, emotional and mental states are reflected in characteristic ways in the energy field. This manifestation occurs in terms of the quantity and quality of energy at various points in the energy field. Pranic Healing is ancient and probably originated in India.

As is the case with many of our ancient arts, it has died a natural death in its home. However, during recent times, Master Choa Kok Sui has revived this technique and has re-packaged it in its current modern form. Master Choa, as he is affectionately called, is a chemical engineer and a successful businessman. He has spent almost 20 years researching the techniques of Pranic Healing by working closely with doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, healers and clairvoyants while honing his skills and perfecting the techniques that are currently taught under the Pranic Healing banner. Pranic Healing today is practised widely in most parts of the world and in India alone, we have more than 1,00,000 healers.

What type of problem is this method used to treat typically?

There is no restriction on the type of ailments we treat. In general, however, people who approach us (in Bangalore) suffer from such ailments as asthma, muscular skeletal disorders (Arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, etc), heart ailments, etc.We have also had cases of cancer, migraine, gastrointestinal ailments, stress related problems, emotional / psychological problems such as depression, addiction, etc.

Where does Prana come from?

There are 3 principal sources - the sun, the air and the earth. Secondary sources include food, water, plants, etc. We need a constant supply of fresh prana to maintain good health. Pranic Healing teaches you how to consciously absorb and assimilate more prana and use it to improve your life.

What exactly happens during a session?

During a Pranic Healing session, the patient has only to keep an open mind and sit or lie down in a relaxed position. The patient does not need to believe in pranic healing.What is required is lack of resistance. Just simple curiosity is enough on the part of the patient.The healer scans the energy field of the patient and depending on his or her level of skill, may look for imbalances in different parameters. The patient is also interviewed regarding the problem. We are not only interested in the physical ailment, but equally in the underlying emotional and mental conditions.It is important to specify here that Pranic Healing does not intend to replace orthodox medicine. A patient is never asked to stop any medication he may be on. In fact, if we come across a patient whose ailment is severe, he is encouraged to visit a doctor and get his problems diagnosed before returning to us.Once the imbalance is discovered, the Pranic Healing techniques of cleansing and energising are applied to normalise the energy field.

A normal, balanced energy field leads to better physical, emotional and mental health. From a scientific point of view, the balanced energy field catalyses certain chemical changes in the body, which in turn allows normalising of the physical condition. Of course, the healing may need to be applied several times before a complete cure is achieved. As mentioned earlier, however, many physical symptoms such as pain, insomnia, etc. and psychological symptoms like depression, lethargy, etc. tend to be relieved very quickly.

Can anyone go in for a healing session?

There is no restriction on going in for a healing session. Currently, there are 12 Pranic Healing foundations around India, all of which operate Healing Centres.Besides this, many graduates of the Pranic Healing courses offer healing in their residences at times suitable to them.For patients who are unable to move around due to physical disabilities, we also offer distant healing.

What are the prerequisites for a healing session to be successful? How many times does a person need to undergo a session?

It is important that the patient does not resist the treatment and on the other hand, the healing is extremely effective if the patient is open or receptive to healing. An important part of a healing session is building rapport with the patient. (It would be important to specify here that the patient does not need to have faith or belief in the system, an open mind is more than sufficient). As explained earlier, Pranic Healing treats not only a person's physical ailments, but also the oft-underlying emotional and psychological problems. Thus, it is imperative that rapport be built up so that the patient is comfortable discussing problems that may be at the root of the ailment.The number of times a person needs to undergo treatment varies. It often depends on the amount of effort the patient is willing to put in.

If the patient regularly practises the meditation and breathing techniques that are taught to him or her, and also, where required, does some simple exercises and is in control of the diet, recovery is extremely fast; in many cases, almost miraculous.All too often, however, the patient expects that just visiting a healer twice or thrice a week is sufficient. While this may be true at times, especially for purely physical ailments, most of the time, it is not sufficient. After all, it is often the patient's attitude, lifestyle or means of livelihood that are at the root cause of the problem. A busy executive who works 12-hour days 7 days a week would certainly need to practise some moderation in his or her life to ensure effective relief from stress related ailments.Plain healing, while it may lead to relief from physical symptoms, would not be effective in the long run unless the executive changes his ways.

How does one learn to heal / treat using this method?

There are 3 levels of Pranic Healing - the Basic, Advanced and Psychotherapy workshops.The Basic Pranic Healing workshop is open to all. No prior knowledge or skills are necessary. Here, students are introduced to the concept of the bioplasmic body, its characteristics and how it relates to a person's health. They are taught how to feel orscan this energy field using the sense of touch. This skill is easy to pick up initially, though mastery takes time and practise.With this ability to scan, Pranic Healers are able to diagnose those parts of the bioplasmic body that may be imbalanced.

At the basic level, this manifests as excess energy at a part, known as Pranic congestion, or lack of energy, known as Pranic depletion.Once determined, Pranic Healers are imparted the skills of cleansing and energising, which allows them to normalise the affected areas. Cleansing involvesremoving the "dirty" or used-up energy that causes the imbalances in the first place; while energising allows us to restore the energy balance by projecting "fresh" or clean energy into the affected part. Besides teaching us how to heal, the Pranic Healing workshop also contains a meditation technique called the Meditation on Twin Hearts, basic Pranayama techniques, lectures on the Law or Karma and character building, techniques to heal oneself and how to heal people at a distance.fresh There are currently 12 Pranic Healing Foundations working in India, with several more to be set up in the near future. All Foundations conduct regular workshops in various parts of the country.

Any myths / do's and don'ts associated with pranic healing?

One major myth that seems to have been propagated regarding Pranic Healing is that it is not safe as the healer gets contaminated. This is definitely false. Contamination of the healer is definitely a problem in many forms of energy healing. Therefore, when laying down the modern techniques of Pranic Healing, Master Choa was extremely careful to ensure that steps were incorporated in pranic healing to ensure that contamination is avoided.Of course, there are many cases where a practitioner of Pranic Healing does not follow the basic guidelines and ends up affected. But this is as much the fault of Pranic Healing as saying the car is at fault for a bad driver having an accident!Proper practise of Pranic Healing (following the 7 basic steps of Pranic Healing as taught in the course) and regular meditation prevent any sort of contamination - which can be verified by many senior healers.Another popular myth is that Pranic Healing is tough to learn. Admittedly, Pranic Healing is not as elementary as some other healing techniques around. But it is definitely more effective. Many reiki healers have found that they get much better results when their application of reiki is preceded by cleansing as taught in Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing is extremely scientific and systematic in its approach. The healer is given detailed knowledge about the energy field, chakras and how they play a role in a person's health. We are taught Pranic breathing, scanning, self healing and distance healing apart from the effect of karma on healing, character building and not least, the Meditation on Twin Hearts (and all this at the basic level - the advanced and psychotherapy levels of pranic healing offer one the chance to learn even more).As Master Choa says, learning and practising Pranic Healing takes as much concentration as reading a paper. Regularity of practise is definitely a requirement to become proficient in pranic healing, but one's efforts are duly rewarded in the form of better health (physical, emotional and mental), a changed attitude to life (leading to greater harmony, less stress, better interpersonal relationships) and the ability to heal oneself and other of many ailments.

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